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Car and Truck Loan Qualification In Burnaby

Get Your Vehicle Loan Approved Today! Drive Away Tomorrow!!
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At BC Auto Loans, our credit specialists are sensitive and understanding when it comes to an individual circumstance relating to less than favourable credit. Having worked closely with a long line of our customer’s in similar situations, we clearly recognize that people make mistakes and studying previous credit history is not always an accurate way to judge as to whether an application should be approved or not.

Car Loan Qualification

  • Have you been gainfully employed for more than 3 months?
  • Do you currently earn $1,750 per month? (before taxes)
  • Possess a valid driver’s licence?
  • Current bank account? (checking or savings)

Our trained credit specialists work closely with all types of credit considerations:

  • Low credit score?
  • Minimally established credit?
  • New to Canada?
  • Recent graduate
  • Divorce?
  • Previous bankruptcy?
  • Wage garnishments?

Furthermore, people who have their loan application rejected with a financial institution are always welcome to apply for a subprime car loan directly BC Auto Loans instead. These bad credit loans will work in much the same way as a standard loan and have the very same result, a new car for the buyer.

BC Auto Loans – Sub Prime Vehicle Loan Features:

  • Flexibility when it comes to rates and length of the term
  • Fixed rate of interest for the duration of the loan
  • Same day car loan approval
  • Option to make repayments monthly or weekly
  • Personal credit advisor for duration of the loan
  • Large selection of inventory (fully stocked) – over 1,000 quality (new and pre-owned) vehicles – including; Sedans, SUVs, Trucks and Commercial Vans
  • Fast Approvals and 99% Acceptance Rates (no matter your current credit status!)

While we can often obtain ‘zero-down’ for most of our customer’s car loan applications, it is often advisable to provide a small initial down payment (which will lower the overall loan amount – the principle) to increase the likelihood of a successful application.

We’re committed to help you drive the vehicle you want, the vehicle you deserve!

Our trained credit specialists work alongside numerous financial institutions to provide you with the most favourable terms and repayment options – best suited to your circumstances! Learn more about our Fast Approvals and 99% Acceptance Rates (no matter your current credit status!) or complete our quick and easy credit application today!

Questions? Great! We’ve got answers! To learn more about our ‘easy car loan application process’ and ‘tailored credit services’ (including our credit rebuilding program), please call us directly to speak with one of our friendly, credit specialists (no obligation) at: (604) 670-9247